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The Hotel on the slopes

of the Nassfeld ski resort:

Alps-Adriatic Cuisine

Carinthia’s southern regions offer the most exciting culinary highlights for all food connoisseurs. The regions Nassfeld-Pressegger See, Lesachtal, and Weissensee combine the best of their regional cuisine with the genuine and diverse local lifestyle.


Der Süden Kärntens ist wahrlich ein Fest für den Gaumen. Die Regionen Nassfeld-Pressegger See, Lesachtal und Weissensee verbinden die heimische Küche mit der ursprünglichen und vielfältigen Lebensart der Menschen.


Regional & Delicious

Carnica honey, Gailtal Speck, Lesachtal bread, aromatic herbs and spices, tasty Alm cheese, and fresh fish are all just waiting to be enjoyed. The variety of regional produce is sourced directly form local farmers or freshly cut from the garden. The result is a delightfully authentic taste experience.


To all who love to eat as well as to prepare tasty dishes, there is no better time spent than at the local producers getting into the mix of things. Follow the recipes which have been passed down for generations and learn to cook delicious regional meals. Everything you learn here can be then brought back home with you for special Carinthian dishes created in your own kitchen.




Alpine 'Alm' Huts

One of the most welcoming sights while hiking in our mountains is a charming alpine hut. Enjoy hand-made, regional produce straight from the source while enjoying a traditional 'Jause' snack at one of the many alpine Alm huts. The many Alm huts delight with delicious treats and cool drinks with rustic charm in the holiday region Nassfeld-Pressegger See in the heart of the Carnic- and Gailtal Alps and are always worth a visit.

Alpine Huts

Holidays in the

Summer Paradise

The summers here in Nassfeld are always exciting! To ensure exceptional holidays here, we set out for all of our guests to enjoy first-class well-being during their stay.


  • comfortable, modern apartments including balconies
  • directly located at the mountain lifts Madritschenbahn
  • free wireless internet access
  • playground situated at the back of the house



Nassfeld Hermagor

Karnten Lust am Leben

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